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    Interested in becoming a wholesale homewares partner, stockist or distributor? See a niche market for homewares & lifestyle collections with your customers, or in your market or country, that no one else is filling? Want to gain income from distributing or retailing our beautiful homeware collections? 

    Canggu & Co provides overseas business owners with a complete range of homeware & lifestyle collections and integrated wholesale services, to support the sourcing, design, production, purchase, and export of Balinese and Indonesian homewares.

    Members of our free Canggu & Co Homewares Wholesale Club include business wholesalers who purchase wholesale and distribute via retail outlets and retail chains; stockists who sell via retail stores and shops, both online and brick & mortar; and property developers, interior designers & decorators for hotels, villas and resort estates.


    All of the tropical homewares collections on our website are open to wholesale for members of our homewares Wholesale Club (the only collections not open to wholesale are our "On Sale " items). If you understand our homeware offerings, and you see that our homeware items could complement your own homeware range, then please contact us about becoming a member of our Canggu & Co Wholesale Club. We are always interested in collaborating with businesses wanting to develop professional, distribution, stocking or partnering relationships.


    We are actively seeking homewares businesses wanting to develop commercial distribution relationships, where we all benefit. It does not matter where you are in the world, or where your customers are. Members of our Canggu & Co Wholesale Club have distribution or stocking businesses, online or brick & mortar shops - or both.

    We are actively seeking Wholesale Club Members who can market our range of homewares throughout the world. We are looking for members with vision and strong marketing skills or established networks.


    Members of our free Canggu & Co Wholesale Club receive discounts based on a simple tired sliding scale of wholesale discounts - the more you spend the greater the discount. Members are offered a tiered scale of discounts, based on spend amounts. This is regardless of the quantity or number or type of items ordered. In other words, a members wholesale discount is based on the invoice value, not on a collection or stock quantity ordered - that is, there is no MOQ in most cases. However, if a Wholesale Club Member does want an MOQ on particular items, this can be individually quoted.

    The Canggu & Co Wholesale Club programs starting tier, Bronze, begins with a minimum spend of USD$2000/IDR30M (approximately) for a wholesale discount of 20%, meaning members only pay USD$1600/IDR24M, which is a saving of USD$400/IDR6M. The more members spend the larger the wholesale discount, up to a maximum discount of 40-50%, based on spend amount.



    1. Complete our free online Wholesale Club Membership Registration Form (above).

    2. Once we have received & reviewed your membership application, and agreed to proceed (a day or two), we will send to your email a link to create your own customer account (email and password) online.

    3. Once the customer account is set up, we will assign you Wholesale Club Members Tags, send you via email your log in link, and more information on our Wholesale Club membership program.

    4. Once you Log In using your customer account details, you will be able to access all our collections (other than our "On Sale" Items), with the entry level wholesale club % discount automatically applied to each product, displayed beside the item as a reduced product price. 

    5. As members will have a large bulk order, when your cart is ready, your order (showing all items, mages and quantities) is sent to us via our automatic wholesale system as a manual wholesale draft order (no payment necessary), which bypasses checkout. We then add a custom & optimised ship cost to your order (LCL/FCL Sea), and send a quote back to you with full item costs, ship costs & your discount amount (based on your spend amount) for your review. You can also use your own shipping services if you choose. 

    6. Once you have our reviewed quote, you then decide if you want to proceed or not! You are under no obligation at any point to continue with the draft order. The whole process is obligation free! 

    As simple as that!


    You can find more information on our wholesale payment terms at our Orders, Returns & Exchange Policy, here: https://cangguco.com/pages/orders-returns-exchanges-policy


    Canggu & Co are pleased to offer our Wholesale Club members a number of supporting services. 

    You can re-sell all of the homewares items in our collections under your own “white label brand” using our White Label Serviceshttps://cangguco.com/pages/white-label-homewares

    You can also design and develop your own “private label & custom” products using our Private Label Serviceshttps://cangguco.com/pages/private-label-custom-homewares

    If you are looking for items from Bali and you cannot find them on our site, we can “source” them for you via our Sourcing Agency Serviceshttps://cangguco.com/pages/sourcing-agency

    We also provide interior solutions & can help you style and fit out your home, villa or hotel interior using our Interior Design & Styling Serviceshttps://cangguco.com/pages/interior-design 

    We can also arrange a lifestyle photographer here in Bali to take photos of your purchased items; and we offer wholesale customers access to our product images and descriptions, to assist with online sales, and pre-order/pre-sale purchases.


    We ship globally by Air or Sea using our Corporate Accounts. We provide shipping quotes using our Cargo Agent, and Air Courier, and pass the order ship costs directly to you. We also work directly with a customers own Freight Forwarders & Cargo Agents, and are able to provide other terms such as EXW/FOB/FAS/CIF/CFR/FCA etc. We also arrange order packaging, at the carton and individual box level.


    Normal order lead processing (pick/pack/prepare for shipping) for wholesale customers can take from 3-5 weeks from time a payment is made, depending on the quantity of the items in the order, and how many items are ready made stock, or need to be made to order. Shipment times via FCL/LCL Sea are 4-6 weeks depending on location.

    Please note, our customers need to note that the pandemic is causing some delays in our supply chain front & back end. You can learn more about this here: https://cangguco.com/pages/covid-19-update


    We know what we are doing: 7000+ Homeware Items; 80+ Homeware Collections; 10,000+ Orders (Wholesale + Retail + Online); 270+ Customer Reviews; 24+ Containers Shipped Annually; Luxury Retail Home Store; Global Wholesaler.

    If you are interested in establishing a wholesale partnering relationship (obligation free), then please contact us by filling out our Free Wholesale Club Membership Registration Form above, and we will be back in contact with you.

    Let’s share in the success together – become a Canggu & Co Wholesale Club Member today & save!