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    Need a Bali style on-island homewares interior solution? Own a Bali hotel or Bali villa, and you are looking for a professional homewares interior fit out? No matter what your interior needs, Canggu & Co can provide a homewares interior solution for you.


    Canggu & Co provides Bali Hotel & Bali Villas property developers, builders, and individual property owners with a one-stop Bali style interior homewares design, interior fit-out, and interior furnishing packages solution. 

    Canggu & Co customers can select from a comprehensive range of Bali style interior homewares solutions, including Customized Interior Design; an Interior Fit-Out Service; a set of Interior Furnishing Packages; as well as a Homewares Interiors Sourcing & Buying Service, to find and select luxury Bali, Beach, Coastal, Tribal & Boho Style furniture and furnishing collections, from contemporary to antique styles.

    No matter if your interior homewares needs are for a single residence, a hotel or villa complex, or a commercial office, Canggu & Co provides a total interior solution, tailored to meet your budget and style.


    We work with individual homeowners, renovators, builders, and property developers building Hotel & Villa estate style or Villa complex developments, with a complete customized interior homewares design service, both at the Pre-Construction stage, and Post-Construction stage of their development.

      Canggu & Co work with Architects, Renovators, Property Developers and Building Designers to develop a Bali Interior Design Theme, during the initial building design stage, on a project basis.

      We work from the initial plans, and provide input into room size, layouts, room specifications, room locations etc. to best match the project style and project budget of the owner.

      We can also work with owners and architects pre-project to provide pre-project costing’s in regard to interior layout, materials etc. in order to assist owners to develop an interior homewares furnishings design project budget.

      Canggu & Co also work with home owners, property developers and builders post-building construction. After the building framework has been completed, we work with builders, owners and project managers to design all the interior spaces, in regards to interior homewares materials, colors, accessories etc.


      We work with Vacation Rental Villa Owners and Commercial Property Developers building Hotel & Villa estate style or Villa complex developments in Bali with a complete Bali style interior homewares fit out service, both at the Off-The-Plan Sale stage, and Post-Construction stage.

      This service is offered at the off the plan stage, in order to assist developers or builders to price the total interior homewares costs for their project. No matter if the hotel or villa is 1, 2, 3 or more bedrooms, Canggu & Co can provide a complete off the plan interior homewares costing option for Developers and owners to consider in pricing their villas for sale or rent.

      Once a hotel room or villa has been sold off plan, Canggu & Co works with the Project Manager to fit out each villa, as it is completed. Canggu & Co also is able to work with Property Developers to fit out an interior homewares design for Show Room Hotel Complex or Villas, to support sales and marketing efforts.


      We work with Property Developers to provide to their clients, as an added sales and marketing tool, a number of Hotel Complex & Villa Interior Furnishing Packages in Bali & Indonesia. This service extends to both the Pre-Sales stage and Post-Sale Construction stage.

      Canggu & Co works with Property Developers to develop a set of Bali Style Interior Furnishing Option Packages for their hotel or villa complex in Bali & Indonesia. Clients, after choosing their villa style, number of bedrooms etc. can then choose from a selection of Interior Furnishing Packages. Each package is at a different price point, and includes different Bali style interior furnishings, furniture, and accessories. Clients choose a package according to their taste and budget.

      Once clients have selected an Interior Furnishings Package, Canggu & Co works with the Builder and Project Manager to install the selected furnishings package, as per the selected Villa Interior Furnishing Package.


      We work with individual homeowners, renovators, builders, and property developers building Bali Hotel & Bali Villa estate style or complex developments, with a complete on-island homewares, furniture & accessories sourcing and buying agency service.

      As a Homewares & Furnishings Sourcing Agent, we work with our clients to select the type and style of interior they require for their hotel or villas, and develop a list of furnishings, textiles and accessory products needed. We then seek out and find quality manufacturers and products to meet the product specifications. As an Interior Buying Agent, we are able to purchase on our clients behalf to ensure the best wholesale prices, terms and conditions. Our aim is to make finding and buying products in Bali as problem free as possible.

      In addition, Canggu & Co offers our clients a complete made-to-order product design and in-house quality control service. We work with our clients to design the product we know they want. Together we develop all the design specifications that they want in their product. After the product design is agreed, we will seek out and find quality manufacturers to meet the product specifications and timelines, and we will supervise the quality control of production, on site. Our aim is to make sure the made-to-order products meet the specifications and are produced to quality standards.


      Canggu & Co charges on a per project basis. The fee amount charged varies according to the nature and size of the project, the services requested and the time taken to deliver the project.


      We know what we are doing: 7000+ Homeware Items; 80+ Homeware Collections; 10,000+ Orders (Wholesale + Retail + Online); 270+ Customer Reviews; 24+ Containers Shipped Annually; Luxury Retail Home Store; Global Wholesaler.

      You can contact Canggu & Co in regard to our Bali style interior homewares solutions by calling or contacting us through our Contact Us Form. The process of designing or fitting out your interior could not be easier.

      No matter what your interior needs, we are with you all the way. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our valued homeware clients.