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    We are very fortunate and blessed to be living in this place we call home: Bali.

    Anyone who has been to Bali knows that despite all the challenges here on this island, the nature and culture of the Balinese is a powerful reminder of some of the things that make a way of life so meaningful: SUSTAINABILITY. COMMUNITY. FAMILY. 

    These words are how we describe Bali. Why these 3 words I hear you say?


    Most things made in Bali are handmade, made in traditional ways using natural materials and very basic tools. The ways of making things have been passed down from generation to generation. 

    While there are some factories mainly in the garment space that have a large number of workers using modern tools and machines, the majority of work done in the homeware space is completed by families using hand tools.

    When we have a wholesale order for bulk items, we typically place the order with a community leader who passes the work out to families in their community. The Balinese live in large compounds that can house several related families, and these families work together to make the items. Large groups of family members sit together in a central area, and weave, cut, carve etc. Skills are passed on between family members.

    So strong are these skill sets, that many communities in Bali are known worldwide for a particular craftsmanship.

    So when you buy an item that is handmade in Bali, you are generally directly supporting family incomes, and in doing so strengthening the local community the families live in, and in a sustainable way.

    Now for the cravat. Not all handmade items by any means are only made in Bali - depending on the type of natural material used, handmade items can come into Bali from Java, Lombok or other islands in Indonesia. Indeed, a lot of items come into Bali in a basic form, and are finished off by the Balinese. However the majority of work in these islands also comes at the family and community level.

    We regularly carry out QC on our customer orders, and we see the reality. We know just how important the orders are to families, and to our communities. We see the impact, and the stability and certainty it brings. 

    So if you have a choice of China or Bali, buy here. Your purchase really does make an impact.