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    Want to design products but do not know where to start? Want to sell your own custom design & private brand homewares, but cannot find the right product designer? We offer our wholesale clients a complete one stop private product design and custom made-to-order product service in Bali.

    At Canggu & Co we can help you with all your private label, private branding & custom product needs. We are here to do everything we can to help you and your business grow. We are here to help with advice and solutions for designing and making your own private label products, and making your own private label branding materials.


    There are many different meanings in regards to white and private label. But for us the distinction is easy. "White Label" refers to buying and then reselling items we have already made and designed, under a resellers own brand and label. "Private Label" refers to making and designing new or modified items, and exclusively selling these under the resellers own brand. In both instances, Canggu & Co provide a Branding Service in order for resellers to label their items under their own brand.

    If you do not wish to make your own custom item designs, please refer to the information we provide on our White Label Page, at the following link:



    We work with you to design the product you know you want. Together we develop all the design specifications that you want in your product. After the product design is agreed, we will seek out and find quality Bali manufacturers to meet your product specifications and timelines, and we will supervise the quality control of production, on site.  Our aim is to make sure your made-to-order product requirements meet your specifications and are produced to quality standards.


    You send us by email, rough drawings or pictures of the products you want. We will work with you to determine and detail the best color, material, pattern, finishing, shape, dimensions, texture, weight, cost and size specifications. We will send you these designs and costings.

    We will have a product sample made and either ship or send photos to you. We keep working with you until the finished product sample meets your design requirements. We will then source manufacturers, and oversee the production of your items in-house, at the vendor’s factory, to the agreed product quality standards. 


    We provide the following custom made product and product design services:

    • Development of Product Designs
    • Development of material specifications
    • Design and Master Production planning meetings with the vendor
    • Development of Production Control Record (PCR) for master sample
    • Development of Bill of Material for master sample
    • Review of master products PCR and production teams compliance
    • Inspection of all raw and finished material components for master sample
    • QC inspection of master sample product for product consistency
    • QC inspection of master sample product color, shade and structural integrity
    • QC inspection of master sample workmanship, pre and post finishing
    • Review of finished master sample products
    • Review of master sample product packaging
    • Shipping of master sample
    • Archiving of PCR and BOM for future production runs
    • Status and production progress reports sent weekly


     We charge USD$80 per day for any work undertaken in the development & administration of product samples. Any at cost expenses - materials, sample development, labor fee etc - at direct to the customer. Canggu & Co send a signed product pre-order services work billing sheet each week specifying the date, activity, and the amount of time spent carrying out product pre-order service work on your behalf.


    We do exterior private label branding on exterior packaging (dust covers, boxes, craft paper, stickers etc) for homewares, and do private label branding on homeware items (hang tags, inner labels, outer labels, inserts etc) in a variety of materials. 

    Our private label branding service is quite simple - we label all of your homeware order items in the same way we label our own. To do this, we charge a % of the total brand item value as a fee (not your items order), plus at cost packaging and material costs from our suppliers. We do not charge on an MOQ basis.


    The process is quite simple - once your wholesale homewares order is in place, and the quantities per item are clear, you can request a variety of private label materials be applied to your homewares item order. You advise us what options you require, from our Homewares Branding Catalog, and send us your designs, pantone colors and logo. We begin by making label samples. Each sample is sent to you (as an image or physically) for review and approval. Once approved we move to full label production. The labeling applications can be applied here in Bali before your order leaves, or can be sent in bulk along with your order shipment. The Catalog details the minimums and materials available for each type of label.


    If you choose our private labeling service, we charge a % of the total branding item material invoice order as a fee (not the product item order), plus at cost packaging and material costs from our suppliers. Canggu & Co charges a Private Label Fee of 25% of a Total Branding Material Invoice, to administer & process private labeling on order items on behalf of wholesale clients. All Labeling Costs (as per Catalog) are at direct cost to client, from our packaging & printing suppliers. All prices are in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).

    Payment for our Private Labeling Services can be made in the same way as wholesale orders - by credit card online via our system, via a credit card payable invoice, or by bank transfer.


    We know what we are doing: 7000+ Homeware Items; 80+ Homeware Collections; 10,000+ Orders (Wholesale + Retail + Online); 270+ Customer Reviews; 24+ Containers Shipped Annually; Luxury Retail Home Store; Global Wholesaler.

    You can contact Canggu & Co in regard to utilising our Private Label Product & Private Label Branding Service by calling or emailing us via our Contact Us Form.

    The process of Private Labeling & Customization of your own Branded Homewares could not be easier.