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    Decor Items On Sale!

    All of the items below are selected home decor items at Canggu & Co discounted sale prices. These on-sale prices are the same price per item no matter if you order 1 or a 1000. We have been able to purchase these items at bulk rates, and we are passing them on to you, at sale prices! These on-sale items are excluded from the Wholesale Club Program, however Wholesale Club Members can order these sale price items, but no wholesale discount is applied. Enjoy!
    Best Seller
    Best Seller
    From Rp345,000.00
    From Rp95,000.00
    Best Seller
    From Rp125,000.00
    Best Seller
    From Rp175,000.00
    Best Seller
    From Rp265,000.00
    From Rp350,000.00
    From Rp120,000.00
    Best Seller
    From Rp135,000.00